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Feeling stressed? It’s not just you. Student across the U.S. are wrestling with college choices, taking classes, or preparing for entrance examinations — all the amid the fear of an epidemic. We’re here to help. This week, you can try one of these seven easy ways to relieve stress on college students.

1. Practice Mindfulness

It is about being in the present moment. If you practice it regularly, this form of meditation it may provide mental health benefit: ”It can reduce your anxiety, the feeling of despair and the stresses that come from constantly thinking about the future or contemplating the past,” is the explanation in the CNN article. Today, consider taking an hour to sit and be mindful for 10 minutes:

2. Exercise

It’s often difficult to find time to exercise while you’re studying for exams.Read about https://trans4mind.com/counterpoint/index-study-education/free-your-mind-from-stress-in-college.html At website However, exercise is not just essential for improving the mood of your students, but it can enhance your brain’s functioning. Three easy ways to incorporate exercising into your routine

3. Take advantage of a relaxing spa experience at home

Spa-like activities can be brought to your home through these activities that relax you:

4. Get Creative

Connecting with your creative side can be a great way get rid of stress. Here are a few ideas to help you get going:

5. Unplug

Between FaceTiming and friends or taking online classes as well as scrolling on Twitter it’s tougher than ever before to completely unplug. But limiting screen time can help reduce anxiety.

6. Develop Self-Compassion

Whatever it is you’re feeling today (worry about your future; anxious about your recent test scores or confusion about college choices) Make sure you practice self-compassion.

7. Find Support

In these times of stress there is a lot we can gain from the support of family members family members, professionals:

We are aware that the world is overwhelming at the moment, however USF is here to help you. Reach out to your Office of Admissions online to find out how we could assist you in achieving your goals.

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